Learning to Play

Learning to Play Guitar Online

Getting Started:

Learning a new instrument can be hard and getting lessons can be expensive. It can even be hard to get to lessons with such a busy schedule. Lucky for you there is another alternative to learn this skill. With these alternatives you can simply learn how to play with just your guitar and an internet connection. Learning to play guitar online is easier than you think.

Finding Videos:

Videos are an excellent method for learning how to play the guitar. Videos can show you how to play a certain songs or just getting down the basics. Some videos can be vague, but finding the right videos can be key. You can find a lot of these videos on You Tube. You can do a simple search for a tutorial on your favorite song or just learning the basics for beginners. If you find the right video then you will get the experience of seeing how to properly play while having a visual aid and a person to teach you. This is a good option for many people on learning the basics and working up to harder songs and getting more experienced. For good videos on how to learn the basics and many popular songs I recommend JustinGuitar on YouTube.  Here is an example of the videos on YouTube that you can use to learn guitar.

Finding Programs to Teach You:

Alongside with videos on You Tube to teach you there are also special programs that you can download on your computer to help teach you everything you would need to know. Some of these programs are free while some cost a small monthly charge. This is a very good option for someone who may be willing to pay a little money to learn the guitar, but may not have the time to go to physical lessons. Some good programs to download that I recommend are Yousician and Rocksmith. Yousician has a very small monthly charge of $9.99. Yousician can be used with electric and acoustic guitars, and works kind of like the video game Guitar Hero except with your own guitar. Rocksmith on the other hand is just like Yousician, but you would have to physically buy it and it is only for electric guitars. This is a very good option for someone who wants the overall feeling of having a real good lesson, but not having the time to get there.

Finding the Option that Is Right for You:

After you have found the option that is the best for you to learn, you will soon be great at playing the guitar, Everybody is different and everybody learns at different paces and different learning styles, so it is up to you to find your own way to learn. Try out different ways like watching videos, programs and even blogs that explain how to play the guitar. Once you find what is easy for you, you will be learning in no time. Just remember to keep on practicing and never give up on learning more and more everyday.

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