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The craft of mixtape making has unfortunately been lost to the modern era of music on-request. However, there are still places where you can hone this lost art, and one of them is YouTube. Here is how to mix your collection of tunes and offer them to the world or that exceptional individual.

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take a look at this guide. They have a good comparison of the best brands on the market in this range, which one is right for you will come down to the details and the features.

coupon codes for music mixing services

How to Make a Music Mix for Youtube

Quality Tracks

Utilizing tracks bought from the iTunes Store or other trustworthy music websites (Beatport, Amazon, iTunes etc) ought to guarantee that the tracks are of high quality. In the event that you decide to get the tracks from your CD’s by ripping, ensure that they are no less than 320Kbps in quality, or utilize bigger documents like AIFF’s or WAV’s to guarantee that the quality isn’t reduced.

One reason for utilizing great quality tracks is that you can guarantee that the volumes of the individual tracks will be comparative, not different but rather comparative, ensuring the various tracks complement one another. This can prevent your mix from having any clumsy disparity in volume when played.

Music Editing Software

Audacity is a free application that enables you to record and edit songs. One of the cool highlights of Audacity is that it enables you to make a level volume for each track so you don’t have outrageous volume changes ruining the quality of your mix.


This is a software created by the Mixed In Key group. It enables you to critically analyze tunes in melodic key and makes quality hints as to which tune will coordinate well with the others because of them being in the same or comparable melodic keys. You would then be able to duplicate as well as, paste areas of your tune, much the same as how your copy and paste in text editors, and make imaginative associations or mixes with your melodies. It is just like a software production room. Mashup is a paid service, unlike Audacity.

Uploading your Music Mix to YouTube

First Step

To get started. log in to your account on YouTube. If you do not have one it can be easily created by creating a Google account which you can use to log into YouTube.

Picking a File

Once you have signed in to YouTube, tap the upload icon close at the top right of the screen. From that point, you will be taken where you can upload your video.

Relevant Settings

Depending on the aim of putting up your mix, setting the right privacy settings is very important. There are 4 settings for your video, public, unlisted, private and scheduled. If you want your mix to be seen by the general public then the privacy settings should be set to public in other to ensure your mix is seen.


You can either drag and drop your mix on the upload page or select it from your files. The progress of the upload shows on your screen.

Optimization of your Mix for Quality Ranking

This is very important, otherwise, your mix won’t be visible to people searching for what your mix features. Optimization of a video can be done by using proper tags, titles, and Keywords. By using relevant keywords in your description of the video and title, it gives your video a higher search ranking which ensures your video can be found easily when a search relating to it is made.

The process of creating and uploading a mix to YouTube must be done effectively from the stage of sourcing for the songs to the stage of using proper keywords and titles, to get the best out of the whole process.